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Savour the flavours of the wild

“Savor the flavors of the wild amidst breathtaking views. Our mountain lodge restaurant is a culinary journey into the heart of the forest, where every dish is a delicious adventure.”


When you walk into the main building of the lodge for check in, you will be treated to a heartwarming welcome; starting with a nice cold drink of a blend of lemon grass water and a clean warm towel to clean up! It is just the refreshing treat you need after driving all day to get to the park.

Authentic Charm

It is comprised of a restaurant and lobby, both of which offer the latest in Wi-Fi technology and warmers.The picture is complete with a beautiful hand crafted decor with an authentic African touch. The main lodge is wheelchair friendly with relevant facilities.


The food is also worth mentioning as it is prepared using farm fresh supplies and spices grown in rich soils. Even better, it is served in generous portions. Savor delectable, locally sourced meals featuring a seasonal set menu or customized options to cater to individual preferences and allergies.

Exclusive Wilderness Experience

Because the lodge is restricted to only clients, the main building offers guests a sense of privacy. Due to its exceptionally quiet state, you will hear sounds of the animals in the forest, sometimes; you will see monkeys swinging back and forth on the branches of trees in the surrounding. At night, you will hear a symphony of birds.

Like the other units of the lodge, the main building doesn’t have air conditioners as it is completely unnecessary—due to the lodges location upon a highland where temperature is perfect all year 18-20º C. Power is on full time and charging of batteries is easily done in here or the cottages depending on what is convenient for you.

As expected of a star safari lodge, its staffs are super-friendly and helpful. They glide like ghosts, barely noticeable yet totally plugged in, anticipating every need.

Canopy Bar

Guest are affluent and the vibe is cool, making the canopy bar feel like the most sophisticated hospital disguised as a slick destination bar. Beyond the usual, the kaleidoscope drinks menu of fresh extractions and blends packs an antioxidant punch with antidotes to every ailment that stimulates the immune system.